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  • Meet Dr. Mack

    David R. Mack, M.D.

    David R. Mack, M.D., is a leading knee surgeon in Houston, Texas. Focusing on knee replacements and shoulder injuries, Dr. Mack offers the latest technologies in partial and complete knee replacements. He uses personalized implants, such as the ConforMIS implant, to personalize knee replacements specifically to the individual needs of patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

    Dr. Mack is board certified in orthopedic surgery and uniquely qualified to address patient problems while being completely invested in their successful recovery.

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  • In the News

    When local resident Tim Kauzlick needed a knee replacement, he did his homework, and sought out Dr. David Mack, head of the Houston Sports Clinic, for his expertise with personalized knee replacements.

    In an article that ran in the Houston Chronicle on February 22, 2014, Tim’s successful experience with personalized knee implants from ConforMIS are explored. Follow the link below to read the story on theHouston Chronicle website.

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The ConforMIS Knee Replacement Advantage
  • Implants are designed from a CT-Scan to match your size and shape for optimal fit.

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  • testimonials

    Hear from real patients who have received a ConforMIS knee implant. Learn about the challenges they faced and see the difference a customized knee can make.

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  • ConforMISTM can take an individualized approach – where nobody else does – using proprietary iFit® image-to-implantTM technology.

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